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Happy Hat Hunting

How we spent our Sunday:
looking at hats-fun!
M:”Chad do you like this one?”
M:”What about this one?”
C”No, it looks like it sits too high on your head.”
{repeat for 2 hours}
Yah, that is because my head is fat.

Can I just make a suggestion hat makers of the world? SIZES.  o/s is not acceptable. Even toe rings have sizes, and really-who buys those anymore? There aren’t many of us that actually buy these things…but those of us who do want to cover our scalps in style and preferrably by not cutting off the circulation of what is left of our brains.
The end result of this glorious expedition? I am the proud owner of 3 new fedoras and I owe Chad something magical for keeping me company and not telling me my head is fat;) I love you Stink.

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  • Reply Jessica O'Connell April 1, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    This sure made me laugh! Well you sure looked cute today chasing the boys at church-can you say crazy fun outside today!? Continue to pray for you! I am not a hat person either and let me tell you-I know you aren’t liking them but seriously you are CUTE in them!!!

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