This week

can disappear. I mean NOT disappear, because my middle child…{WHEN did that happen?!}…turns 3 Saturday. Sweet Weeman. Poor little guy, always getting the shaft, or maybe I am just apologizing for reality. The newest reality he gets to absorb is that his precious binkie is getting yanked never to return.  That’s rigggghhht…We aren’t even making it magical with a fairy and money and stuff. 😉 We be hardcore like that.
Back to my fantastic week; Hoping at this Saturday’s Birthday party, {we are not doing to offset hard feelings from the binkie trauma} I can play fun mommy in my outbreak gear circa 1995, Rene Russo style.
Seriously though-can I wave my pity party flag? Why, thank you for obliging.
Monday: Flu
Tuesday: REALLY bad flu. Big Stink stayed home to help with our village.
Wednesday: pretty little red sores all over my hands, mouth and feet. JOY!
Thursday: Diagnosis-You guessed it. Oh and the pain. Ohhhh, the pain. I am especially excited the sores in my mouth are not as painful, (so I can still stuff my face), but the sores on my feet rival child birth, (so I can’t work out.) Thus, Operation.Get.Porky commences.

After rereading this post, I sound like a whiner. I am thankful I don’t have mersa, gangreen, or something equally as crazy. I know there is a reason for all this or a reason He is allowing this to go down-I trust our good God who is faithful and just. And if this is payback for my teenage and college shenanigans, I have a looooooong year ahead of me;)

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