September catch up…

Just found this draft….forgot to publish her.
Whoa. HOW IS IT THE END OF NOVEMBER!?!?!? Can’t be happening. This house is treading water for spare time. Our September was a whirlwind. What happened you ask? Oh, I just turned 3-0. Yek. Still having issues with joining middleage. This last year has earned me 3 very odd gray hairs, a few extra gypsy hairs on my chin and some squint wrinkles. I also don’t bounce out of my chair with the same spring, it is more of a groan and rocking motion. I will share our September through some pics:

First day of school:
Second first day of school:

Sweet Wuich’s

And then…..There is soccor. I get to brag here, I am proud of my little Stink. Homey is on fire. 

His biggest fan.
B’s 5th Bday party!

Oh yes, and my Birthday. I turned the big 3-0, and had the MOST wonderful party thanks to my mom and sweet husband. I am surrounded by the best of the best. 🙂
My sweet mom in law and mamabird.
Warning, this is a pic overload, we tried to take pics of everyone, and well this is my bloggity blog, and I want to share the pics of some of the people who mean so much to Chad and I. I am SO thankful for all our amazing friends and family who have helped me through this last year, and who I have been blessed enough to share this life with. I love you ALL!!!! Thank you for being such an encouragement and source of support for me and my hubs. Big hugs and smooches.

My sweet Aunt Dot
AND, you made it! The end;)

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