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This week is VBS for our church. My sweet faithful friend has offered to wrangle up my people, all with her brood and cart them all to church. {without me} True love right there. This last year she has taught me so much about friendship and sisterhood, and being real and I love her. Smooches M. I have been blessed with the best of the best in the friendship department, and ya know what? I am grateful. As a lonely 7th and 8th grader who had no friends and bad hair, I still remember the painful void and insecurity middle school brought with all it’s big girl problems and did I mention? no friends. Today I stand a whole lot older, {with bad hair}, but my heart is full, and I see had God not given me the stark contrast I would not see the blessing of friendship He has graciously poured out. You people who love us, encourage us and care for us…you have given us such an incredible gift. Thank you for your friendship and care. It will be a great day when I am able to reciprocate and do the same for you.
Onto more good news: I am almost off the crazy pills…one…more…day…Can’t hardly wait. Please Lord let this part be easy. I am progressively more uncomfortable, but I would rather feel than not feel and get off the candy. Make sense? Each day, I am gaining strength and what is just as valuable: stamina. Able to do an extra chore, avoid a nap, doing something to show progress. Not to be a whiner, but my spine has not been right since the 2 lumbar drains and the insertion of that evil isotope. When I walk or twist, I feel the pressure/ or maybe a shock wave? go up and down my spine, which makes walking hard and uncomfortable. Whipping my head around like a pantene pro V belle ain’t happening. a) I have a serious hair shortage b) spine issues-did you read what I wrote?? Also bending over to pick up toys  is painful, but I don’t how loud I want to bark on that one. I am kind of enjoying my kids being responsible humans.
As for walking, I am doing soooo much better. It went from clinging to the walker, dragging my feet, to the gorilla hobble to looking like a stumbling drunkard. If I don’t have a walker or something to lean on, I wobble and fall over pretty easily. So if you hug me, I caution you, there is a good chance I may take you down. Whole lotta woman right here. In the beginning, the physical therapist told me to lift my legs like there was rockets under my feet. I still fight the urge to go, “schguuuhew”, as I lift each foot. The feet and part of the leg is still numb, has loss of sensation, so if you see me walking, that is quite possibly what I am thinking or trying not to think. I took the time to share as I wanted to clarify; I am not at the gym, sweating and doing something noble involving bars, and tears, I am just doing the coordination thing where I try to not eat it as I put one foot in front of the other. Thanks to our merciful God, all you praying friends, short story long, I am recovering! I am getting closer and believe I will walk normally sometime in the near future. I have to be able to chase after my little’s! Or else I buy the megaphone my friend Sarah has, (brilliant), and cling to Myrtle, my 4 wheeled walking friend.
So please pray this would not be permanent? I find out today what the deal is with the brain. Next Tuesday I see the nuerologist to see when I can look forward to driving again. Next Friday I see the Nuero-oncologist to see what to do about the white matter clogging up my brain space, so please pray for wisdom, for His will to be clear and for an opportunity to glorify God. It is all His. My life, my legs, my brain-I am praying I will still be able to serve Him and my family through this all. Many awkward hugs and many thanks.

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