Post op update

Well, I am here, alive and kicking. 🙂 I can’t help but praise God for all the ways He cares for me. Once again, He is outdoing Himself through the many mercies and acts of kindness He is showering on me. How foolish of me to doubt he would flawlessly carry me/ us through again? His grace is overwhelming, and I am thankful to understand that in a personal way. I certainly don’t deserve this awesome of a recovery, but I will take it. A big thank you to all who are caring for me, my sweet husband Chad, our AMAZINGLY sacrificial parents, our WONDERFUL church and friends. Neighbors, everyone….the love is pouring in and I am SO thankful this recovery has been what is has. The days are long, but that is because of my brain relearning everything, and having to think through all the things we don’t normally think through. It just takes longer to do stuff, I get worn out in 10 minutes, repeat. The anemia is frustrating but I am eating my spinach….like in bulk. It is good.  Bring it Popeye. Each day is getting better. Today we even went to the park for a couple hours. It was kind of miraculous actually. Considering where I was 2 weeks post op the last time.
This week has been interesting. Halle decided to cut her 1st tooth. Of all the weeks, this is the one she decided she needed to join the club, no sleep and all. Also, neighbor has decided to to jackhammer for the week. He has removed all the old stone, (floor to ceiling), and installing 1×2 inch pebbles instead. REALLY. I made sure to let him know it was cool, I was on drugs. Boys have been truly awesome little men. They are QUIET, good listeners and are my treasures. This is Chad’s last week home, so I am reflecting on what a gift this time has been, He has done a stellar job wearing both our hats. So thankful he is mine.
Looking forward to getting the pathology report next Friday, getting the raunchy staples out, and moving on. Thank you for your sweet prayers, thought, notes, meals, and love-they have all truly meant the world to us.

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