papapapa-poker face.

Well, I wouldn’t go that far. In fact I think I high fived myself if I got a card with K or Q. My in laws had a family poker tournament and I had way more fun than anyone…by far. (as usual).  Having never played poker, I guess I can’t really brag on my intense skillz.  A more realistic portrait was everyone feeling sorry for my lack of ability to remember what cards I had or whose turn it was. It was pretty much like teaching a donkey french.

The best news: I somehow WON. Fifty bones. I NEVER WIN!!!! SO of course I am thinking of 300 different ways to spend my plunder, and it all kept coming back to these….

Except for 2 minor details:

1) they are not $50. Not even close. Whoops.
2) Chad doesn’t understand why I can’t wear my 4 inch knee high boots from last season. BIG HINT: I am a waterbuffalo and waterbuffalo’s don’t wear heels.

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