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Doc cleared me to sleep normal and lift Halle. Thank you praying friends! The fluid is still there, so Doc says walk 60 minutes a day, and we can give up on the sleeping like a lunatic, and not lifting my baby since that did no good. We will revisit the fluid issue in a few weeks.

What an answer to prayer to finally be able to be a RESTED, functional mommy. Thank you Lord. 
I came off the steroids and crazy headaches returned, so back on the ‘roids I go. Also the discomfort and exhaustion comes and goes. Seriously think I would need 4 padded walls if it wasn’t for scripture and pain medicine. Thank you sweet friends for asking about me, and caring.  I know this post is a snoozer, but I want you all to be encouraged, God is responding, and I am thankful for your supplications.
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  • Reply Anonymous September 6, 2012 at 8:42 am

    You may think your post is a snoozer, but for those of us who read it are thankful for the update. praying for you and loving that you can sleep normal and lift your precious baby girl! xoxo

    Jenny Katcef

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