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I came across this website/ blog:

I like this for many reasons, but here are a few:

a) I first read it as ‘I can’t eat my child’. (and, of course, that made me laugh) +10 points
b) I am not creative
c) I am a direction follower {I use those terms loosely}
d) I am not a teacher.

Admittedly, I know how to make babies, not raise ’em. I have never had siblings from birth, I paid minimal attention in school, and have never successfully potty trained any of my 3 dogs. Which makes for an outstanding parent. It really is a miracle I am writing in english. We have entered a whole new world of learning and discovery, and I am feeling completely unqualified to raise my brood. Ever heard that poem, “at 3, my parents knew everything”, blah, blah…(it goes on about how we start thinking we know everything) *yawn*.
Any-hoo, I can assure you B would never say that. I can’t seem to find the right age appropriate explanations for things or lessons on how to be a kid.  I am usually google-ing ‘why can’t spiders sing?’, ‘how bad does it hurt if I crawl in the oven’, you know; things of that nature. I can swallow my pride and admit that Big Mama needs to step up her game. After some activity/ educational material hunting, I honestly appreciated all the ideas. And the fact I am smart enough figure out how to do most of them was the double rainbow in this pot o’ gold.

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