Heavy heart

Thank you all for your concern, love and prayers. I feel stupid posting about my last week, when there are far more heartbreaking circumstances that have happened since last weekend. Our friend and brother in Christ was taken home suddenly last Saturday. He has a legacy and testimony that I know will continue to reach far beyond what he, his beautiful wife and new baby could ever fathom. He was and is such a special man, we feel honored to have called him friend.

Last Saturday I was admitted for unmanageable/ intractable headaches. Not expecting to find much, they discovered I have 2 blockages , one in the main venus/ jugular, the other being the collateral vein supporting that vein. Unfortunately this is something they can’t fix. It is something I have to live with and…

Another excuse for crazy headaches. Another risk factor. They basically hope it does not get bigger, and are managing it with blood thinners. Another chance to trust our perfect God. He does NOT make mistakes. With regards to Alex or any other hard situation/ crisis/ world altering circumstance. I have been released, and am headed home after a 5 day sentence to the KP. A precious loss of life puts it all in proper perspective. Please be praying for Bernadette, his bride and baby boy Logan.

If you feel led to donate to help cover the costs, please do so.  Here is the link:

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