Birthday, Disneyland

Disneyland Pics (overdue)

 bus ride to the park. Yes that is right. You have a take a 10 minute bus ride and pay 15 bones for parking.
 this looks like a smile from someone held captive.

 yay for the finding nemo ride! I mean not yay. We were all balling after the first 60 seconds. Bubbles are scary y’all.

 Look at these foxy kicks. A female was wearing these. She totally caught me gathering evidence.
 …which is why I had to quickly recover with taking a picture of this handsome face.
  And we are off to the races. B worked the wheel way better than me. Well, we both were horrible. Ah well. There is always something funny about crashing someone else’s car. 😉

The highlight of the day? “the bus” straight from the horses mouth. Good to know.  Next Birthday, public transportation passes for the family. 
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