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Birthday, Halle

Sugar and spice

To my baby girl:
You are 2!!!!!! Your birthday was last Thursday but I refuse to acknowledge the fact you are now a big girl.  Thus why it has taken me 8 days to write your own little entry. You, my love, are a pistol. Your daddy and I just spent the last 2 hours, (past bedtime), listening to, MOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhM!!!! Awake! Awake! over. over. and over again. This is a reoccurring theme in our evenings.
I love you more than words. You absolutely give me an indescribable giggle-joy. You truly are a gift, and I will always see you that way. You might commit an offense against B, W, Dad or me, but you quickly say you are sorry, give kisses and do the same thing over, and over, and over again. Just like your mama. 
You are funny. Have I mentioned that before?? You do and say the most hilarious things, truly. I know, I know, every parent says that….but you do! Daddy and I can’t wait to see who you become. At 2 I would say your life will not change others, or you will do something great, I believe you will change the world. You are THAT determined and fixated on the result you want. There is no compromising or distracting you. 
You hate facial hair…but don’t we all?  When you are really charming, you will say, Is that SO!? after everything someone says. Adorable. You are my baby girl, and I am enamored. The highlight of your turning 2 is most definitely your endurance in the fight against diapers. Only you are terrified of holes with water in them, so I have been cleaning up toddler urine in really awkward places. 
Ok, so there is a second highlight: your innate love for babies. You are obsessed. You would have been the most loving big sister. I know that. But maybe God is saving those mommy skills for your child or others our good Lord has in mind. I trust Him, and know He will make something beautiful with your precious life. In the meantime, you are the sweetest daughter!  I am so overjoyed He chose ME!?! to be your mama! I am truly relishing each moment. Tantrum or not, I love it all the same. Happy big bad birthday sweet girl. I am crazy for you! xoxo

Why I love my man…

If you don’t love yours, I implore you to find some reasons to. There is always a great one: God says to. Once you submit to that, it is a funny thing, other reasons seem to start falling into your lap.
God has been really kind to me in that I have a man whom I deeply love and am in love with. First off, He loves God above all else. He writes notes to the kids in the morning as he leaves for work early. They will say the score of last nights game or to be good boys or just that he loves them. He leads our family in a godly way. He sacrifices in countless ways. He brown bags it every day. STILL. He is funny. Belly laugh style. He sings west side story with his eyes closed because he might cry, he loves the music THAT much. Like I said, he is funny.  He is my rock. He has supported, encouraged, discipled, loved, and taken such excellent care of me and us during these last couple years of “growth”. He is wonderful and he is mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love. I can’t begin to describe my gratitude for all you do and mostly, all that you mean to us. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

Birthday, little Stink


Little Stink, 

Happy 6th Birthday love bug.  For some reason your Birthdays are the hard ones. You are the boy who made me a mommy. So naturally, you own a piece of me no other child gets. I love you to heaven and back and am so proud of you I could burst into a thousand pieces. I love your heart above all. All that we have been through in the past couple years, you have proven to be a strong, LOVING, resilient boy who competes like no other. I pray you will always fight the good fight because you love our good God. I pray that is how God will use your competitive spirit. You are determined like I have never seen in any person, well maybe I have seen once or, AHEM, twice, AHEM, {cough; grandparents}, but I am excited to see what God does with you as you get older. You are thoughtful and caring, asking about your brother and what he is doing. You always kiss his grave goodbye unprompted. Which makes me cry, and of course love you all over again. You are the best big brother to Weston and Halle. Playing with them and laughing throughout the day. You keep my eyes dry most days and my heart humble. 
You are a total sports boy. Anything involving a score, you are all in. Especially baseball and football. You are huge. apparantly feeding you poorly for the 1st year of your life paid off, as you are 56lbs. You are smart. All moms say this, but you really are. You definitely have Daddy’s brain. You make up word games and mix up the letters. It’s crazy. I legitimately can’t even play with you. Today, we celebrated your birthday by going to school, (yay for reality),  being surprised with cupcakes from your favorite Miss Bre, seeing planes for the second time while slurping down an icee and tossing back a large pocporn. You saw and or talked to your grandparents and opened gifts and we ended the night cuddling. Just how we started your life. It was a good day. 
At this time 6 years ago, I was in the midst of pushing you out….crying and wondering what in the world life was going to be like….I had no clue how wonderful YOU were going to make our lives. You forever made my biggest dream come true: being your mama. 
I love you always. 


Birthday Party Hardy

My oldest little person turned 4. What. How does this happen? When B was a baby, I would look at 4 year olds and think to myself that was a lifetime away…now I have one and that time is here. We celebrated with our favorite family and friends. (and missed some of our favorites too).

 Juice box #1 of 14.

 Sweet baby Kate.
 Monster babysitter bounce house

 How much do you love me? Nice.

 Mommabird and baby Jake
 I did a stellar job at capturing everyone with a load of sang-wich
 My favorite father in law and Hubs.

 HA! caged. 

 Please don’t smile.
 Cutest little guy!
 B and his big bad Jersey.


Happy Birthday Little Stink…

For most people, this day is the 10th anniversary of one of the worst days in this country’s history. A day filled with mourning, reliving the pain and loss. While I still am saddened by the tragic loss of life that day, for me this day is the celebration of one of the best days of my life. This particular day, I said goodbye by my high spirited 3 year old toddler, and hello to a 4 year old boy whom I love more than he will ever know.

No one truly prepares you for the day you realize your baby boy you have waited your whole life for, is no longer a baby. Or even a toddler. Today he enters boyhood. It’s not like he turned 4 and grew 13 inches…oh, no. This was even worse. Call it denial, or just the peaceful way “three” rolled off the tongue….but between yesterday and today, I am a wreck.

Happy Birthday to my 4 year old BOY! I love you more than I could have ever fathomed. You are my sunshine and I am so blessed by your precious life. Your daddy and I are a little, (ok a lot), behind in the video department, but I wanted to share a sweet little video Stink made for your 1st Birthday. I love you more than life, and always will.