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bath time rhymes.

Sidebar:  (yes I know we haven’t even started the post).
Ok, so lets lay out some ground rules.

1) no embellishing in stories. I have heard some incredible sermons over the last couple weeks on taming the tongue, slander, etc. Everything you read is true. 🙂 I say this b/c half the time I don’t believe my own kids did/ said that.
2) if you are creepy and reading this blog please go away. I have big bunions and am really gross. I promise.
3) I had something else really important to say and forgot. Story of my life.

Onto what I wanted to write about:

So it is bath time for Weeman after lunch as he likes to comb whatever food of the hour is through the hair. So, he was in the bath, I got distracted reorganizing my makeup drawer. Shocker. A few minutes later Brayden kept yelling, “mom!! he pooped! Big poop! Gross!”
                                    {repeat 6 times}
I see the massive floater and literally froze. *by the way-if you are not a parent-you won’t get how gross this really is.* So after a minute of just standing there in shock-I take the beloved elmo cup that we have had in the bath for a year. Elmo took one for the team. Then like  a sweetie, B brings me a diapie and his “keetar” (ukaelele). Without missing a beat, he says, “W, I am going to sing you a song. Its called {he starts strumming} We don’t poop in the bath.”

This kid.

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