All about Weeman

This last weekend we had his little eensy weensy party for the familia. He loved every bit of center stage.

With Nanny and Nonni. 

Patiently waiting. I somehow snapped a picture of the ONLY time this has ever happened.

With Papa. Who is in China right now for work. Miss you Papa! 
With Uncle David. Hunting for bald spots. 

My Baby is going to be 2 tomorrow. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?

fancy photography. Making it appear the chin is resting on the bag. Clever, eh?
My little paparazzi.
Weeman with uncle John. Awhhhh.
Smells ok?
B’s war paint.
1/3 of the way done 
Ok Michelle, that was dumb. 
The night is dwindling into a spiral of unexplainability. 

Uncle David was a good sport. Letting the boys paint him up with frosting. He put his foot down when Uncle John offered B the ranch. 
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  • Reply Melissa B April 16, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    TWO!?!? when DID that happen? How crazy, Happy 2nd Birthday W!

  • Reply Michelle April 22, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    thank you M! I have no idea. But I am thinking I need rewatch back to the future and better attention to Doc and his invention. I wish time would stop going full throttle.

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