1/2 Marathon Update

I can finally stop wincing in pain and begging for mercy when I sit down and get up, so I believe my body is on the mend. A minor side effect of running 13.2 miles (all at once).  Oh and toe blisters. And a great excuse to relentlessly stuff face for 72 hrs post finish.
We did it! We ran the race-the whole way. Quite honestly, I was way more excited at all the free stuff they give out. Mile 9 they gave out these energy shot things. Delicious, and totally effective. The whole experience was very sweet actually. People cheering everyone on, many seemed random, others had their cowbells, (more cowbell!!!), and handmade signs. Actually I started wondering after a while if the people organizing the thing didn’t hire those peeps. Did I mention there were a lot of strangers? There is no chance you will ever find me cheering on some person who voluntarily decided to run a common commute to work, for fun. Eva.
Aside from the insanely stank porta-potty situation & wierdo running BAREFOOT, {his feet weren’t even crusty. Wha? You KNOW I bolted ahead to get a good look}, nothing too fireworks-y happened. It was just a nice morning to bond and sweat  my brains out with my hubs. Doesn’t get more romantical than that. He was a stud and abeit being sick, kept on keepin’ on. So thankful we completed that together.
Now we can have a running shoe bonfire.

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