You know that moment where you stop and realize everything you have ever desired has been graciously given to you? Oprah, (you may have heard of her?), calls this an “a-ha” moment. {insert eyeroll} Had to use her example because I know we have all heard her say it whether or not you voluntarily watched her show.
Anyway, I had that yesterday. This year especially, I can’t stop thinking about how good our Father is, all.the.time. It’s not that I have never thought about the many ways we are blessed. Or that I have never experienced true contentment, because fortunately in this blip of life, I am thankful to be content. It is more like, WOW. Everything I have ever needed or hoped for has actually been given to me, and then some. And in writing this, I know, just like that, it can all  be taken away. All but my salvation. We are promised trials, sadness, and the reality of a fallen world. Life will hurt, people will fail us, it is a matter of time. I also know that no matter what the future holds, He has answered many prayers, given me the desires of my heart, and nothing will change His countless acts of grace to me. So I will praise my good and merciful God who has reminded me to set my eyes on Him, and that in His perfect, kind nature; He is the giver of everything good.

“I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father, I lay my life down for the sheep.”
                                                                                 -John 10:14-15

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