My little Weeman

turns 4 tomorrow. <<<Stomach punch>>> I am the freak mom who cries at every milestone. I cry because I mourn the loss of the fleeting moments. They go by SO fast. I do not need an 85 year old to tell me that. I KNOW. Someone find the pause button!!!!!!!

Dear Sweet Boy,
You absolutely own my heart. {And your daddy’s.} God has given you such a sweet soul. You are tender, loving, and precious to me and all who know and love you. From the time you were a newborn to who you are today, nothing has changed in terms of your steady gentle spirit. God has knit your character together far better than anything me or dad could ever take credit for. You have a sensitive, caring nature that is organic and I just want to pinch myself each time I catch myself watching you be you.  You have always, (I bolded that on purpose), been a joy for me and dad, each stage has been fun and each year goes by way too fast. You love trucks. Cars. Pushing toys. You actually play with your sister. Even though she slaps you from time to time, you still kiss her and love on her and get down on the floor with her. You are her buddy and that melts my heart to no end. You start each sentence with the word, “actually, “, and you always say “excuse me” before you start to talking to me or daddy. You have a righteous side that loves to see justice served. Rather that be to your brother or another perp. You end each night with “hey mommy, what about goodnight hugs and kisses?” -even if I just spent 20 minutes loving on  you. You are not afraid to cry, and do not get a hard heart when you are wrong. You cried to me yesterday because you told me you did not want to turn 4. You did not see, but I cried too. I don’t want you to turn 4 either, I want to freeze this cherished time where I get to just be your mommy. I might not be the best, or brightest, but I love you the best and more than any mommy could ever love you. It scares me that I have to share the time I do have with you with another child. You still need me, and that blesses me to no end! I promise to always make special time with just you and me.
You are the apple of my eye, and I am in love with the little boy you are. I praise God for the gift of motherhood, and for the gift of your life specifically. I am not worthy, but I am grateful. Happy Birthday to you, I love you through and through.

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  • Reply StylishDish April 16, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    What a beautiful post Michelle. Weeman is lucky to have such a loving mama — you are much more worthy than you know. xoxoxox

  • Reply Rebecca Lewis April 24, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Happy Birthday buddy!

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