Memorial Day Weekend

Always seems so grand, no? We had big plans for a weekend of unreplicatable awesomeness. I had dreams of tanning, letting kids play on the beach, not growing leg hair at the rate of a wildabeast,  and warm weather.  God had another plan. We had been looking forward to family camp with about 200 of our closest church family. Pt. Magu was a wee bit irritable. Maybe she suffered from indigestion, or IBS. I don’t really know. I do know that the weather let us all down. Wind+dirt+kids+OCD about dirt mom=A BLAST FOR Big Stink. I am not sure if it was the cold showers, snakes or dirty pillows, but I have decided I am not a what you call a “trooper”. I have come to realize I am high maintenance, and pretty A-ok with that. I like to not have dirt under my toenails. And not to constantly watch out for deadly snakes, spiders and other unknown bugs that can kill you that may or may not exist.

The main point of this post was how amazing it was to endure the conditions of the weekend with church family. The point was to come together and fellowship and glorify God. I think we did that. I say we with a little more emphasis on the other people, including my husband. He held me together. {I pretty much failed at doing anything fruitful this weekend, other than whine like a loser}. We leaned on eachother, laughed with eachother, ditched camp for the outlets together….oops, I blew your cover L;)  The planning was impeccable-catered meals, (yes please), coffee at all hours, plenty of food, chairs, campfires 24/7,  EVERY detail was thought out, it was a beautiful thing.  Best of all, little stink and Weeman had too much fun. Upon leaving, B was crying and moaning his life away b/c we were leaving our “new home”. Uhm, No B, playing indians is not going to be your lifelong aspiration. I love you enough to say cowboys are always the better option.

Other items of note? Ashley’s water breaking IN THE CAR, and delivering baby Connor within minutes of getting to the hospital, no epidural!!!!! Bananas birth story. So proud of you Ash!!  And missing sweet Baby Cole’s 2nd Birthday. WAH! The weekend ended with a wonderful dinner at mamabird and Steve’s house with the fam.  And overstuffing myself in true turkey fashion. Perfect ending to a {fill in the blank} weekend.

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