Marriage Retreat

So last weekend C and I joined our church family for a marriage retreat. Dah-dah-DAH. On the mothership-Queen Mary. What a huge blessing to be able to spend 2 days with full attention on our avocado tree, I mean, marriage. C & I both got a lot out of the weekend, but most appreciated was the last session on God’s love for us. And HOW He loves us, and what the implications of that are…I really needed to hear this. So, thank you Pastor Mike and Carlynn for pouring your hearts out into this weekend. We loved every minute of it.

In the beginning; there was a girl with a cell phone and a can of attitude. We actually fought, (ok bantered) on the way up to a mushy mushy retreat over a series of texts. Whatever. 
 Clearly, I was in the right place.
  After a session on contentment, we hit up this jewel. I wanted gloves, C said no.
John & Amy-everybody together now-“awhhhhh”
 Caesar & Linda – some of our closest friends. You know how I know they love us? They know what a thirteen year old I am and photoshop pictures before putting them on FB. That is what  5 star friends look like: 
 And this one is just precioso.  *Sigh* 

 Pastor Bobby ROCKED IT. He was our emcee/ host. I laughed my way to incontinence. *almost*

 James getting all defensive over ________?
 We played fun games where items of clothing were demanded off. Kind of. Just the shoes. It was good times for sure. But like all team games, C & I were out in round 2 of 8. We had 6 rounds to work out why I am a better driver.
  Pastor M was so gracious to take a picture with me when I looked like a bag lady. Who forgets a brush on a weekend away? ME. He will now always remember me as the vain frump who spazzed out when her husband took a picture. Schweet.
 Pastor Mike and my husband. I totally messed that up. Ergh! C was so excited to get a pic….minus 10 points for Michelle.
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    I am staring at the camera but I don’t remember you taking that pic.

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