Bob, Halle


An update per a few requests. I am shocked to find out Bob is a mere 3 inches long and only weighing in ounces. I would like to know why there is an extra 7 around my waist and 10 pounds on the scale.  Had a very wierd Dr. visit. (not going to bore you with my negative first impressions of Kaiser, but lets just say I am switching Dr.’s asap and settling for a midwife.) All good things for Bob. Bob is measuring 2 days ahead of schedule-healthy, big, gave us great shots of the spine, (fabulous), but would not rotate so I could see if there was a weenis or girly bits. So we will hopefully be finding out in a few weeks. Doc was too lazy to give a heart rate but says, and I quote, “it’s a good one”. I am thankful for our Great Physician who knows all, and that I can put my trust and faith in Him. He has providentially provided medical care for us, and I will rest in that and be thankful and not bash Kaiser like I would not so secretly like to.

I am feeling better, more energy, etc. Boys have been so sweet wanting to kiss my belly all the time. Both in public awkward places and privately. Regardless if I am wearing a dress…there has been a few showing of the chonies, thank you squirts. Brayden is now convinced it is a boy and his name is now plunkie. We need to find a name asap. Starting to get names made up by a 3 year old is giving me nightmares. I think we actually have no contenders…that we agree on at least. You know if its a boy, I get all rights to name, and or dress questionably. Pink is totally ‘in’ for boys, and I am sticking to that as this will most likely be our last, and dangit, SOMEONE IS GOING TO WEAR PINK.

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