little Stink, Weeman

A bunk bed story.

Soooo, we caved and purchased an official bunk bed. It is pretty sweet, not going to lie. If I wasn’t of odd porportions and water buffalo-ish, I might climb up there and give B a snuggle just so I could live the dream. But it is what it is and we have squeezed our boo’s goodnight and 1.5 hours later we have one jumping of the top bunk playing superman, and Weeman coming to the top of the stairs telling me he’s ‘hooongry’. Chad and I are both too tired to make another trip up there and threaten their piggy banks away, so I think we have silently agreed to ignore them and hope for the best. Now that right there is some noteworthy parenting.
On the crafting front, I am so darn proud of myself for so not so perfectly painting the frames of 2 big old bulletin boards.  Well, some masking tape would have done me good, but just so I don’t get too down on myself, black looks better than metal. And it is one thing I can mark off my 713 item to do list. Yay me.

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