little Stink, Weeman

What they did…

While I was gone. You think they missed me? Me thinks not. Daddy made sure to do LOTS of fun memorable stuff. Stop 1: Adventure City.

Don’t mind the belly shirt. In my defense, the 3 yr. old is outgrowing a 4t. Can’t keep up. I promise no genie in a bottle moves.

 getting to be the drivers and push all the buttons!? 
 Weston-who do you love?
 This looks like a skiball about to go very wrong.

 Stop 2: Angel Game 
 More belly.  Weston is getting embarrassed.

Did you think Weeman wouldn’t find a pretty blonde to snuggle up with? 
They then went to MawMaws and PawPaws to spend a day in the pool and go down the waterslide a trillion times. You can guess what my greeting was like. “Oh. Hi mom. {sigh}.”
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