Weeman’s 3rd Birthday parties (late-oops)

Well, I was waiting to post about this until I got the thank you notes out for the party, and you guessed it, I have not done that YET. I am a loser. So here they are. The farthest thing from a pinterest’d out B-day bash, this is a good old 80’s style party-like you and I used to have back in the day. Complete with a costco cake and the best friends a family could ask for. SERIOUSLY, the BEST!  
          oops, didn’t get the angels uniform memo.

Manly bonding.

One of our favorite families: the Schoenings!

Cool dad award goes to…Eugene!
buds fo’ life.
Sweet Nanny!
Some of my favorite girls!

The aftermath
Round 2!

For the record, we are letting B dress himself 10% of the time and this is why.

Mamabird made this card. Crazy, right? 
Forget the ice cream, give me sprinkles.
Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy. Your mommy and daddy love you!

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