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Weeman & Mommy’s trip

We have decided this year is the year to visit friends. Since almost EVERYONE we love has moved away.  We love our Katye, Rossman and Baby Cole.  And we MISS them. The trip commenced with a redeye and thanks to Jet Blue I had first hand knowledge of the major Japan earthquake. After watching the headline, “Tsunami to reach pacific coast at 7 am”, for 5 hours you can imagine my anxiety when I landed with no battery in the phone. Doh.
Memo to self: turn phone off when in plane.

 Busta move

 Oh look, another camera….
Cole, Look at the monkey!
 Weeman making a move

 They luuurve eachother. Too cute.

 Love the amazing photography Michelle. 
 Blurry is the new black.

 They were too cute walking up the 3 MILE hill.
Can’t wait to go back! Traveling with W was cake. What a sweet time that was-and I hope to never forget how loving Cole was. SO many kisses…you can’t teach kids that. There are few friends you can be your 100% self around and they will still actually like you…K & R are those peeps. It is so nice to be able to go through life with God-sent friendships. I love you guys! 
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