Weekend with Nonni and Poppi…

…I love summer. Family getaways are my favorite. Taking time to JUST be with loved ones and not focus on to do lists, cooking dinner, or contemplating what great excuse I am going to come up with to get out of doing the 5612th load of laundry.
We were able to spend the weekend with Nonni and Poppi in San Diego-and HAD SO MUCH FUN!! So much so, that the ordinary life has as of this last week, has been deemed unbearable for little Stink. All he talks about is his vaca-Y-tion. And when are going back? And when are we going on the miami vice boat again? (ok I threw miami vice in there. Don Johnson is a legend people.)

Another picture?! 

How we get our kids to ingest food. Don’t judge.


These 2 boys are the loves and joy of my life. Thank you God for entrusting us with them. 

Riding the san diego public transportation. The red car to be excact. Was a hit! Except for the desperate need to find sanitizer upon exiting. 

Me and my little beiber.

About how I feel at this point in pregnancy.

please don’t barf, please don’t barf, please don’t barf…

Meet baseball’s #1 fan. This kid breathes baseball right now, and the cutest part is it’s organic. Chad is not, (I stand as a witness), influencing in any way shape or form his love for this sport. He loves everything about it, but right now the highlight is the numbers on the jersey. 

excuse the chorizo-esqe outfit. In my defense I so daint-ily trashed my white t-shirt with a soda spill, and had to use an emegency back up shirt from 20 pounds ago. 

My little athlete. He thought the goal was to get the ball out of the park….so he made sure to throw the ball over the fence. My kind of strategy.

We are the proud owners of a decapitated turtle. Thank you weeman.

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