updates! that don’t really deserve the !

Life: busiest week ever last week. Chad flew to the big bad city of dreams and back, I played single trainwreck mom, worked, we refi’d the casita, had mom’s birthday dinner party here all within 72 hours. During that time momma bird (my mom) tripped and broke her foot in which resulted in her and Steve cancelling their 2 week Hawaii vacay. I am mourning for their loss, and clearly am a little emotional at the moment.

Name for Bob: is almost decided on! SO EXCITED {insert !!!} to have a name we both love. Er, I love, Chad likes. Whatev’s. We are making strides, and that is worthy of at least 3 polar bear claws from sees candy.

Pregnancy: So Peggy the pregnancy wench has taken over me. Seriously, what is going on? I am like someone totally different, and I can’t stand it. Praying for mood stability and for some relief. My pelvis is growing/ stretching/ getting all poltergeist on me and it is totally not cool. I can’t exactly ductape an ice pack diaper on at work. So I will keep on drinking my happy juice. (passion ice tea and santa cruz organic pink lemonade).

This weekend was centered around getting centered, costco and buying a plant. Which has me totally in a bunch b/ c I cannot figure out if I should plant in the pot or leave it in the plastic ghetto pot it came in. I am in distress over these big girl decisions, which calls for a drumstick.  Cheers.

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