The Glory Days…

My kids, (and I),….have been blessed. Especially this last week. Camp compass happened. (VBS). It rocked their world! And mine too if I am being honest. We had entirely too much fun being with friends, friends, friends. Our church did an unbelievable job of pouring truth into these young little souls. At the end, I asked my sweet friend E-why can’t we cut tape and do crafts and be all communal again? She didn’t have a good answer. Here is a recap of this spectacular week. If the week wasn’t good enough, Sat was spent getting to see and talk the night away with our Andersen’s and new baby girl, Emily. She is beautiful. Sunday we will watch our Papa preach from the pulpit at his church! Such an exciting week. So much to praise God for.

                                                 No pain, No gain. It’s that simple.
      How we roll into little league games where we don’t belong fit right in.

Baby Emily! She is perfect. Told ya.

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