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Rob Biagi Concert

Sunday, my dear friend decided to throw the party of the year for her friends KIDS, (and parents). How awesome is she and her hubs? Love you Emily and Aaron! It was a dream come true for the invitees-for reals. Rob Biagi was the guest of honor and if you don’t know him-you should. HE IS AWESOME! His music is Christ centered, clean, and I like it. Which means a boatload b/c I am the pickiest music person ever. I wish I would have taken picks of all the decor and details she totally did all crazy. Every kid got SO much fun stuff. Again-I wish I would have taken pics. Here are some she took, and some big Stink took. 
Sweet pic of Emily, not so much of me. Way to squint michelle.
 My Weeman and Big Stink. Love.
 Halle giving a shout out. 
 One of the few all inclusive family pics. Par for the course. Halle’s eating Chad’s pits, B snagged a 3rd lollipop, and Weston is pouting. At least you can’t see my shorts that won’t button. 
 All the kiddos-SUCH A FUN DAY. What you don’t know-Weston was petting Lorenzo, the kid trying to escape. (Weeman is left frame). It was embarrassing cute.

The end.                            
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  • Reply Anonymous May 23, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    You are too sweet. And hilarious. We love you guys! Emily

  • Reply FitzFam May 24, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    That was such a fun night!!! I kind of wanted to throw some candles on the cookies at the end and tell my kids it was their birthday party. 🙂 SO glad I got to chat with you a bit… something that needs to happen more I think. 🙂

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