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I am a newly classified insomniac since the surgery. I am supposed to be sleeping upright due to swelling in my brain, thus leaving me uncomfortable, irritable and at odds with my once cherished bed. So I come downstairs, pray for you all, take care of pinterest updates, and then wander around until I have a good idea. Tonights good idea was getting some pics off my phone into my blog which will one day become a never-ending scrapbook. 
 Sweet Kylie and Halle (cousins and BFF’s) 8 weeks apart!
 Mamabird and Halle, showing off her outfit of the day. Halle likes jellies and lunching with Nonni. Who knew?
Speaking of infant wardrobe; this post is about get 13x more annoying. LOOK at these cute shoes….eeek! If this doesn’t make having a girl fun, I don’t know what you people want from me.
 Her first pair of skinny Joe’s.
 Ballet flats to match her mommy. LAME-O. Not. 
 Whoops-AYE. Mamabird and I have been known to do some damage, and some damage we did. 
One Friday afternoon, I felt good for a couple hours, and we conquered the mall. Entirely too much fun.
And to end on a positive note, B ripped his new shorts. Like a 5 inch gaping hole with his chonies flapping in the wind, and I couldn’t stop laughing at with him. He is mine through and through.
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  • Reply MeetTheLerouxs August 20, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    We have the same kinda taste! I bought similar ballet shoes for M when she was 1. And seriously, M’s Skinny Joe jeans are my, I mean her fav pair! Those look best on her than any of her other jeans. Shopping: you get A+ 🙂 xo

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