Pray with us?

What started out to be a headache and a fever turned into a 58th trip to the ER. My tough-never-cries-never-stops-moving-Brayden couldn’t get out of bed. Couldn’t break the fever, and had a fetal position is the only way headache. Tylenol was worthless, so I did the next logical thing; freaked out and rushed him to the ER. I reminded myself this is just going to be a “yes lady, you are in fact crazy, people get headaches that don’t have brain tumors” discussion followed by orders to drink fluids and eat junk food, or whatever other instructions follow a ER visit for people who don’t feel good.

Well, God had other plans. The Dr. said we could get a lumbar puncture (painful) to be certain he doesn’t have meningitis…but he thought the odds were low. I wanted to say-look chief, you don’t know what kind of family you are dealing with…however, it felt a little too mobsteresque. I withheld our history, and politely responded with a “YES, I am fully aware I am a psycho paranoid mother. How fast can you get it done?”

An hour later, he came in and shared the news. B has meningitis and they are transferring him to the pediatric unit at a different hospital via ambulance.

And here we are, waiting to find out if it’s viral, or bacterial. Viral, he goes home and video games it up till his eyes bleed. Bacterial, he stays in the hospital longer, IV antibiotics and lots of petitioning our good God that the antibiotics work.

I am so thankful God made him the way He did. I can sometimes get frustrated with his stubborn nature and strong will. Today I praise God for his strength. Enduring that lumbar puncture and IV placement through clenched teeth made me realize how God’s hand is truly in every detail of the good and the painful.

God also blessed me with some humor. Ready? Ok, good. The sweating, yes, SWEATING, Dr. giving the puncture falls off his round  little chair to the ground directly following the procedure. I did the compassionate thing and laughed, he however, was not. (He is ok) You can’t make this stuff up. To end the day, a very dear, kind, generous friend met us at the hospital, brought us our favorite foods, coffee’s, B’s gluten free pizza, loads of goodies, but most of all a picture of Christ, who is God, so unbelievably generous. Full of grace and mercy. Thank you beyond words J. I won’t completely rat you out, but I pray God lays up mountains of treasures in heaven for you.

Please pray with us, that the cultures come back viral, not bacterial meningitis.





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  • Reply Rebecca Lewis September 1, 2015 at 2:59 am

    Michelle, my momma heart aches for what you must be feeling. I will be praying for complete healing for him and peace for you all. I can’t wait to hear what awesome things God is going to do in the midst of this raging storm. Love you friend!

  • Reply Kathy Dumont September 1, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I;m definitely praying with you for favorable results on the test. May God calm your hearts as you wait and bring quick healing to your precious Brayden. Praising Him for the strength He has given to your whole family. It is an amazing thing.

  • Reply Anita Cole September 1, 2015 at 8:53 am

    We are praying. You know the Lord Knows what He is doing. May the HOLY Spirit surround you with His ever present comfort. We will continue to pray.

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