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Thank you praying friends, and friends of friends. Thank you Lord for pulling me through with no infection. I had the surgery yesterday, it went well! They took everything out, and replaced everything, most importantly, gave me a more powerful shunt. The doctors were very happy and the surgery was considered a success. In fact, they washed my hair in the operating room!!!! What wonderfully kind doctors. Or they might of had to, to be able to stand over my rank smelling head in order to effectively operate. Then, this morning happened. I woke up in another puddle, and I am leaking yet AGAIN. Are you kidding me?! My doctor called my other surgeon and he was very disappointed. He had said he had never had a case like this, and looked pretty upset. I proceeded to have a good cry, which I am sure made him super comfortable and told him we would be praying the leak stops. If God says no, we are looking at yet another surgery next week. I am discouraged, sad, and am fighting the fear of the unknown. I am sitting in pain, waiting for deliverance. I am more dependent than ever on our Loving God for my daily bread, courage and mercy. Please pray friends, the leaking would cease. That my body will get with the program. I am tired and weak. The thought of going through this all over again pains my soul. I am ready to see what He will do, how He will carry us all through. Thank you for praying friends.

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  • Reply Brenda McGuire June 14, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Michelle, you don’t know me but my niece Jen McGuire posted your story on FB and I am so touched by your amazing faith and strength. It is obvious that God is living in you and that he has a plan. I can’t imagine what you must be going through and yet you are so filled with beautiful grace and forgiveness. My son went through 15 surgeries on his arm with multiple infections over a 8 year span, finally loosing his entire arm, but he too was touched by an angel who helped him make it through the dark times. While so painful for you and those who love you, your story inspires us all and gives us strength. My prayers go out to you and to your loved ones that God will heal you completely and that your faith will continue to give your strength. Blessings, Brenda McGuire

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