6 Months ago, Julyish, I had a brilliant idea. Fill up the pots we bought 3 years ago with soil and grow our own herbs. Just like everyone and their preschooler. Seriously-everybody can do this. Except me. I am apparantly incapable of figuring out what kind of magical potions to put in these plants to make them GROW. Lame. Anyway, 5 plants later here is our creepy sole survivor. This little remnant has not grown or died in 6-7 months.  The others: Basil, parsley, basil #2, and Tomato #1 & #2 have politely declined to bear me fruit and thus ended up in a pretty green trash can. ARE YOU LISTENING ROSEMARY?
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  • Reply MeetTheLerouxs January 18, 2011 at 1:52 am

    lol! if it makes you feel any better-I’ve killed all mine and gave up on this idea. =)
    Do you put it in sunlight?

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