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The waves keep coming. It is well. Our Lord is graciously providing care, patience and love. The last week or so, brought me some hope so I feel like I can finally share some good news. Some of you may know I have been having seizures (not the convulsant kind) on/ off since January. They were pretty well under control until a month ago, when they started happening multiple times a day. Our wonderful moms/ parents/ friends have been helping us function as a family unit. We have needed full time care for the kids as I am a wild card. My mom comes every morning and afternoon, Rhonda, My mom in law comes every Monday and Friday. Like I said we have the best most sacrificial, loving moms and dads ever. SO thankful.  I have struggled with whether to share this on a public platform or not, but, I don’t feel like this is something I need to keep behind closed doors anymore. (And I am tired of typing and saying the same thing over and over again.) If anything I hope that by me saying this so broadly, people will be understanding, not take this as a pity party. I am thankful, blessed, and being transparent about my physical and mental limitations-no, I can’t drive, I can’t meet you for you coffee, I can’t rush around and do everything I used to. I am on 3 antiseizure medications that affect the central nervous system, so I am shaky, weak, dizzy, slow to process information, have short term memory loss, shot by 11am, ya know, just about right on target for Michelle. In other words, I am an old woman. I do take full advantage the motorized carts at costco and target. This delights me, and brings me tears of happiness. When I hit something, plus 10 points, and you may get a giggle. But I said I good news to share. Ready???

 That is one huge head.
    (Kaisers imparting words of wisdom-A+ Campaign marketing Dept.)
Ok, so last week I was admitted for a 3, well, 4 day EEG. They watch your brain, withold caffeine, (GASP), and sleep deprive you waiting for seizure activity. I think my head head spun off my shoulders. They got what they needed, THANK YOU LORD. This was a huge answered prayer. They know how to better medicate me. To find the right med cocktail can take years, so the fact they know which meds will help the parts of my brain affected is a huge blessing. One step closer to functioning independently. I will in no way push it. I completely leave driving and such up to the doctors, they say at least 3-6 months from the time of no seizure activity. I am so thankful God has provided peace with being chauffered around. And people willing to do this! One of the 3 meds takes 6 weeks to kick in. Awesome. We are trusting God has us in this state of humility and complete dependence for His good purpose. By no means is this comfortable, but I will say when He is leading there is a peace about the path; splinters, boulders and all. Thank you praying friends. 
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  • Reply Shelley August 14, 2013 at 5:06 am

    Michelle – You are such a wonderful person and look just as beautiful with that bandage on (how is that possible, not fair 🙂 I am so sad we didn’t get a chance to meet up, Im sure that last thing you would have wanted was my monkeys at the hospital. Hopefully the next time im out there it will work out. Thinking of you.

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