Oops, I did it again.

the fruit of my labor
 C thought it was Chili. 

What are those irregularly shaped cutouts you ask?  An act of desperation-you don’t want details. The story behind this? Originally took it out 20 minutes early, didn’t realize it was a FAIL until I cut a piece and the center ran out. So I did some damage control and cut out the “cooked” parts. (to ensure I ate some morsel of this disaster), put it back in the oven, and apparently forgot to hit *enter* on the oven timer. 30-45 minutes later, my trusty oven emitted enough smoke to fill the 1st floor, thus I flew down the stairs on my broom. (not really). I believe the noise made when I bounced the knife off this motherload, was “chink”.
Because there was no glorious purpose in deciding to bake this, I let lil Stink be my assistant. (by the way 3 year old are even worse direction followers than I previously thought). Which is why each ingredient was either friends with the floor or inappropriately handled with unwashed little boy hands. Yack.

What toffee bars are supposed to look like:
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