Not a work perk

I have the best job on the planet. I have been blessed enough to be able to work with my stepdad for, gulp, 7 years. Due to his generous qualities, I am able to work part time to allow me mommyhood privileges like being able to spend chunks of time with my nuggets. {so thankful}

Because of the nature of our business, our clientele is mainly 50+.  Every few months, we will get a phone call. A spouse, mother, or father has passed. And they don’t know what to do next. This time it was a spouse of a dear client. It was a sudden unexpected death-and I realized through the 15 minute phonecall, I had nothing to offer this poor woman for comfort other than me being on the other end of the phone. She had lost her soulmate, (her words), and there was no consolation.  She loves God, and praise Him for that. But she missed her man.

I couldn’t help but fast forward to what I hope is 70 years, and got sad. Because I realized if C leaves me here without him, I am going to be one angry old bag. I don’t want to have to relearn life with out my hubs. One of my greatest gifts in this life IS stink.  I have a new heart for people who have spent a lifetime with their spouse and have to start over and be strong. Especially because C is strong for me when I am not, which is usually the direction of that merry go round.

Wah, wah, wah.

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