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North Carolina

I got nothing but love for that place and the people.  I seriously threw a look back behind me as people were talking to me. You know when you think “why is this person being so nice to me?” and realize they are really talking to their best friend that is 19 degrees behind you? Yah, it was like that, only they were talking to me. Just good people.
And of course the best peeps were the ones I actually went there for;) We had a great time together. L-boogs is entirely too funny for his own good. This kid catches FLIES. I kid you not. He is awesome. 2 years old and he knows what he wants. Baby Connor was a snuggle bun. I wanted to pack him in my bag. But I am not lactating so that wouldn’t have worked out for either of us. (thus he stayed, I am not really a baby snatcher.) Onto the pics:

He is thrilled his Auntie is taking up his Mommies weekend. 

 I have never seen a love for short grass like Jeremy has for his 10 acres. He does this EVERY TWO days. Lets look at what he has to conquer since their property is the size of my neighborhood.

This one stole my heart.

       This made me jealous of a 2 year old. I WANT A SWING!!
 Had to snap a pic of these for my munchkins. Finding green tractors made me a hometown hero in this house. 
 The name of her adjacent community….About as cool as a name gets.
 The front side
 Ahhh sweet baby!
 The biggest monster dog dump. They are everywhere. I swear it was a 12 inch steaming heap. You are welcome. 

Ash-I miss you long time. Already. Love you girl. The end;) 
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