My Lov-ahhh

is cute. The apple of my eye, once again, made my night. I am internet-ing the night away in a stupor. {SO. TIRED} And he is watching his nightly DVR’d jeopardy. (Yes, he can’t miss an episode) He is doing SO good. Answering a lot of Q’s in a row, as usual. I tell him he needs to go on the show. And then….
Jeopardy host:  “blah blah blah the fallopian tube is connected to this part of the female reproductive system….{insert DIAGRAM}.”
Chad: “Cervix.”
Me: “Scratch that.  2 babies, 2 conceptions, 2 violent births, and a front and center stage and you say cervix!?

Ding ding ding-I got my first question right. The real highlight was that my sweet husbie thought both our boys grew in my donut of a cervix. I am realizing this might have been a wee bit TMI for the burly men reading this, but I have just wasted 4 minutes writing this and it is MY bloggity blog. So she stays, and C once again, makes me realize God knew that I needed a baby daddy that can keep it real. He is perfect for me.

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  • Reply Shelley March 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    Thats so funny!

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