More catch up…October

Wow, ok people, I have missed a lot. One thing I am learning, when you are +30 pounds, the last thing you want to do is look at pictures of skinnier days. Wow, I said it. Vain much? Here are some pics from October. I have to get better about posting stuff. I seriously looked back and forgot we did half the stuff we did.

The small child playing kung fu ninja in my volvo has not let me forget about this surprise. 😉
This picture is taken at 7:30 AM. Almost 6 months later and the first thing he puts on every single morning is STILL his A’s jersey.
 Off to celebrate our Birthday’s in San Fran.
 Apparantly the Giants are a big deal up in here. I think it was the world series or something. 

 My handsome man. 
 Shopping. What a shocker.

 Me eating a 100% raw organic lunch. I was hungry 34 minutes later and swore I would never eat healthy again.
 Eating again. Because that is what we do.
Halle with her Papa.
Daddy’s girl. Hehe. 
{flashforward to the nordstrom shoe department in about a year}
 Both my babies on Christmas Halloween.
 With our sweet friends twin girls….so precious! Halloween is entirely too much fun in our hood.

Are your eyes bleeding yet? Happy October! 
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