Making Lemonade

Last week we took care of some housekeeping in terms of radiation. Who knew there were 25 steps?! 3 appts later, my eye lash smashing mask was made. Chad couldn’t help himself and had to try on someone’s discard. 🙂 My start date was pushed back from the 22nd to the 27th. The doctors are planning/ mapping out the actual radiation and it’s more complicated than they initially thought. NO HURRY. (Pretty please get it right?) There are 3 areas with all different depths, measurements and radii. I am so thankful they are not rushing through this delicate step. They are having me recieve treatments in LA. 5 days a week for 6 weeks. 30 trips to LA and back. Be thankful, be thankful, be thankful. Apparently, there is only one machine that can do what they need it to do. Her name is trilogy. I found comfort in the beginning of her name as my trust is in the triune God of the universe. No coincidence there.

The huge praise is in the fact Kaiser was able to fit me in on the shuttle that leaves from Anaheim at 6:30 am. I get dropped back off at 10:30. Bring on the pillows! Another item of note, is the fact had I not gotten on the shuttle, I would have had to reside in the barred, guarded super safe apartments up in Hollywood with Halle. So thankful God worked all the details out.

I found out yesterday, the tumor cells they sent UCLA to get re-graded were atypical. Which affirms the aggressive growth, and makes me question KP’s pathology department.

Today, I found out, I CAN DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Did you hear that? I just screamed with joy for the 102nd time today. I will be practicing in parking lots, teenage style. Please pray I will not only get the ok, but that I will be able to drive with confidence. And have the strength and protection to drive.

They say when life gives you lemons…well here is our lemonade.

We decided to map out some adventures in LA, and make a date out of it. We scarfed down enjoyed a perfect dinner at The Kitchen. Driving around, there were countless centers of “faith”, some I have never heard of and some that are straight up heresy. Some of these include:

Our mother of good counsel
Church of self realization -What?!?!
Scientology center (it’s really big and in case you cant read the signage, it’s BRIGHT blue.)
Liturgical apostolic center-huh?
I had to google 75% of the aforementioned.

Did you know they pay guards to protect random parking lots? Me either. There are more free HIV testing centers than gas stations. The traffic flows like raw honey. Then there was the Griffith Observatory. While we didn’t have enough time to properly devour this world of discovery. We were there long enough to wait in a line to look through a telescope, to see a dot. I am not kidding. There were a lot of people in this line. I didn’t get it. We also had a couple, is this really happening? moments. One was a juvenile dangling her legs off the edge/ ledge. I am usually not so “judgy”, but after walking out of an oncologists office, seeing countless seriously sick people, I couldn’t help but see this teenage girl as running with scissors.

Really? There are 1,050 ways to die, and you want to flirt with the 30+ foot force of gravity?! Go ahead sweetheart. The other moment held a mother propping her infant off the 50 something foot ledge for a picture. Smile! All in all, we shared an experience of weirdness and romance. Call me crazy, but I am thankful for my suburbia bubble. I spent the ride home thanking God for where He has graciously placed me on this planet…and my brain.

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  • Reply [karen] August 24, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    You’re so much fun to talk to in person and read about…with your humor and open book conversation style! You’ve been a blessing to me and a true encouragement. It’ll be quite an adventure these upcoming 6 weeks but we’re here for ya sis!

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