Looking up

Life is getting better each day. I am able to do a little more here and there. The top of the list always seems to be shoveling my favorite foods in my face. 11 days of hospital food is traumatizing y’all. I seriously think I have gained 20 pounds since I have been home. The scale and I have an agreement-I won’t stand on him and he gets to live and here we are; one big happy family. I am remembering things, not getting confused as often if at all. (2 days “Wha?” free) So excited and encouraged to be getting back to myself. Just a lesser version. Michelle half-point-0.

I am anxiously awaiting Monday’s appt for no reason other than I WANT TO DRIVE. Anywhere. I am not picky. CVS, Little Saigon, empty parking lots, I really won’t discriminate.  It will be nice to know what I can look forward to and be praying about as well in terms of what the next step is, and YES, a haircut.  I am lame and shallow and kinda over looking like bozo.

This whole journey has been good. I am so thankful for every step of the way. Seeing God’s handprint in each part of this hooplah has brought me to my knees with thanksgiving that I serve a REAL and loving God. He loved us enough to send His only Son for us, and He loves us enough to carry us through the trials showing us every step of the way He is in control. What I am MOST thankful for today is the tangible help our church, family and friends have provided through this time. I feel so cared for and loved and I truly enjoy spending all the time with everyone that I would have never gotten to spend. As in, why can’t we be all tribal again?   I love you all and am so thankful for all the help you continue to provide so I can heal and pony up.  xo

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