La Quinta with our peeps

We are so thankful to have had an awesome 4 day weekend with one of our favorite families who we are so abuntantly thankful for. Love our Martins. Woot Woot! We stayed in the compound resort they call La Quinta. It was perfect for our tribe. Open door, enter pool. And if you don’t like our screaming children there are 40 other pools to choose from yo’.

This is how our vacay commenced. Don’t worry people, I lightened up.

 Weeman got all fired up on his McQueen bike with the big boys. 
He was fierce y’all.
 ……….aaaand we have a jumper. All in one weekend. Booyah.
 The Martin’s!

 Aaron really liked the squirt guns. Like, a lot.

 Big B
 Straight face. HOLD IT. HOLD IT!!!!!
 Ok Silly faces.
Nothing quite spells P.I.M.P. like P.I.N.K. cups. 
 Such a fun weekend. Thank you Lord for the gift of children and friendship. We can’t wait to do that again next year! xo
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