Thankful, Weeman


In the sports arena, this would mean testicle shrinkage, and premature balding. Oh and bigger muscles. But in the White house, this means more energy, a whole lotta dinero being dropped at hippie vegetable selling markets and a lot of labor for one cup of liquid vegetables. This miracle juice makes all kinds of promises…so I had to try it out since everyone is doing it, and I am a follower like that.

It will use up every square ince of fridge space
It will take you 15 minutes to prep/ put together a recipe
 It will take you 2 minutes to actually shove the stuff through the shoot, the fun part.
15 minutes to choke down this madness

 Oh and surprise! You have another 15 minutes of dishwashing ahead of you. Don’t worry, you get to start this runaround 1 hour later because you are STARVING. People who say it fills them up, you LIE. This disruption in normal lifestyle does give you an energy boost equivalent to a pot of coffee, tried and true. I don’t know about the weightloss because everything is still a little flabby. My skin is no clearer, and truthfully I am starting to doubt all this hooplah is worth it. Knuckles to all you diehards out there.

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  • Reply FitzFam February 5, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    I love everything about this. :0)

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