I’m baaaaaaack….

LAST update on this brain issue/ recovery. Don’t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I am doing well! Back to normal in almost every department-Huge praise. This whole enchilada has taught me more about humility than I would like to admit, but that is good. I needed it;) God’s mercy over arches any lesson I could pretend I learned from this. He is so good to us, ALL the time. Regardless of circumstance, I can truthfully say, His Word is true and ever comforting and that is more than enough to spur me on.
This week was my first week solo with the kids, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the capacity to be a mom all by myself. (ok I had my sweet mother in law’s help Monday and sweet sister in law Wednesday) Even still, praise God for allowing me to step back in my role! Granted I have had some crazy person moments when being over zealous and braving the park-(der)-with 3. I was the banchee like mom screaming her kids into obedience. Don’t worry, it didn’t work, and I learned I am not ready for that circus…..yet.

A couple items of note:
a) I am over hats. They are so not me, but I so don’t have a choice, SO I will do you all a favor and wear ’em anyway.
b) I am driving. It is rough, and I am pretty sure all 3 kids get car sick, but hey, we make it point A to point B dent-less.
c) foot is still numb. Hence my amazing driving abilities. It’s cool though. If that is the worst thing I take away from brain tumor-dom, I am a happy woman.
d) I am so deeply thankful for each and every person who has helped us through this-seriously I love you all. I don’t know how to properly thank you. Between our AMAZING parents, WONDERFUL Church body, and Ridiculously AWESOME friends, this journey has been joyful, and something to be thankful for. You all have forever changed my heart! I love you xo

Now that I am done writing about recovery stuff, get excited…the next post will be about baby poops. 🙂 j/k it is the 3rd. It will be about why the 3rd never gets photographed and why she keeps wearing the same 4 outfits and why I haven’t utilized ONE bow.

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  • Reply MeetTheLerouxs March 30, 2012 at 12:14 am

    yay! glad to hear all is going well! Praising you for all that you have overcome and your outlook on life. Continuing to pray for you and your family. And, whenever you are ready to take me up on the offer for Halle–holla! 😉 xo

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