house rules

We have a rule as far as eating goes in mama’s house. Eat what you are given. I try to enforce this whenever possible, but at times, I admit: I get lazy. Tonight I got all fired up about how amazing artichokes are, they are green and furry, what a combination! So I started telling little stink all about how mommy used to love them as a child and he had to eat a bite.

Mommy: “just try it. One time and if you don’t like it never again.”
Little Stink: “Please noooo.”
Mommy: “EAT IT.”
Little Stink: “chomp chomp chomp…..bleh–yaaack.”

Yep, my little boy actually obeyed me, and my insistence on trying this superfood made him yack all over our rug. What, an amazing mother I am. No, really, you can all stop clapping now.

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