Home… take #43

I am HOME! With all your prayers, God’s good hand, and a (partially) functioning brain later, We
made it. I have a whole lot less hair, a few more scars, and my babies and husband are within arms reach. I made it out protected and on my knees with gratitude for you all. Thank you all for praying without ceasing. Do you know how I know your many prayers went up?  Every so often I am struck with {literally} unbearable pain. It might last one minute, it might last a couple hours, at anytime in between meds….and I feel it. I feel the dark deep. It hurts, and I can’t physically carry the burden, the raging pain. Jesus is quick to remind me He is here, His yoke is light. And I am able to feel and see what truly resting it all on Him is. It doesn’t remove the pain. Or remove the fear in pain, however, the peace that follows these moments of surrender are not of this world. Those prayers….they keep me upright. They keep me smiling and able to love on and cuddle my littles. They are keeping me here. Many of you who read this, I have never met. Please give your babies extra love, encourage one another by continuing to pray for each other, and don’t ever forget the gift we have been given in this set of answered prayers.
My appointment to see if the shunt is working is scheduled for later this week. I will find out about the other details and how we move forward from there. If you all aren’t bored to death of praying for our family yet, please continue to pray for a full restoration. We have a long road ahead with many unknowns and we are 100% reliant on God for all things, always. Please pray for my wonderful husband. Although I am home in body, really, I am more like a 4th child. Man never complains, is always loving and patient to no end. He leads us in a godly way, by example. Please pray for a transition to a psuedo normalcy, followed by an independently funtioning family, quicker than ever. Right now we are taxing everyone, and it would bless us immensely to be able to give back in any way, serve, etc. I am having numbness, weakness. I can’t intake all the noises, colors, input. All of my sensory functions are out of whack, Not like I want to stare at lava lamps all day, but ya know. I am not running on all cylinders. Overstimulated sensories are the theme. Please pray that God would protect me from any infections, or complications. Our biggest blessings in way of care for our family are our parents, and Sara whom has temporarily been gifted to us. We are so deeply thankful for the practical love, help, care we have recieved, and honestly… desperately needed. Thank you praying, generous friends.

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  • Reply Jaime Jenkins July 21, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    I am struggling tonight with having cancer. I am usually good but some days are hard. You are such an inspiration and a great reminder for me to be thankful for what I have.

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