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Good Times. 
                             Quite possibly one of the cutest kids on the planet.
                   Little stink realizing he now has to explain why it is imperative he scratch up the refrigerator with a train toy when he owns 1/3 of the California thomas the train track inventory. 
             So precious! These moments are entirely too sweet. W & Cole giving  smooches like real men.
 Why are all the kids shirtless again in December? 
 Me & sweet Kayte
 Big Stink and Rossman
 Again, a picture ruined by B pretending to smash his face against glass.
 The stance of the night. Mammabird is watchin’ you holmes!
 Chad’s sweet family
 Christmas morning. A little blurry. Just the way I like it with no makeup.
 “wow mom, another amazon box full of matching socks.”
 And we still think the stairs are a homerun.
My side of the family-The beautiful Blonde on the left is carrying my PRECIOUS nephew!!! Woot Woot! 
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