He is RISEN.

He is Risen Indeed. We just attended our church service where our Pastor debunked every single theory trying to explain the missing body: so awesome. So needed. Even for me. A saved sinner. I still find myself  with questions. Lots of questions. I know we are to live by faith, not sight. But the logical person I am, (eye roll), still desires something tangible. Sometimes I fail to forget, the evidence is what I am reading every day. My trusty Bible and it’s history. How it is still the Holy Bible should speak for itself. No?

Second to my salvation is my deep gratitude for our Church. The I have been so excited for this Sunday for MONTHS. Our God is generous in the abundant blessings He provided today. A few items of note:
1) the honor of being a recipient of His grace and love. My Savior died for me. As the the ugly version. Is there anything more precious than that?
2) Was able to go to church with my mom and dad and Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Gary. HOW awesome that was. There is nothing like being able to worship our God with loved family and church family. NOTHING like it.
3) Everything went off without a hitch. No traffic, parking was as expected, not too crowded, organized, THANK YOU!!!
4) Message was so relevant to EVERYONE. I really don’t care what you believe.

What was even more awesome? Me remembering the dress I bought for Easter was about 3 inches too short and no matching cardigan/wrap/ covering. Oh and with heels, did I mention it was about 3 inches too short? FAN tastic. {i} was the moron dressed all hootchie like at church. The shame.

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