Happy Mothers Day

These people are the reason I get to partake in this AMAZINGLY awesome day:)  
 Little Stink
Thank you sweet children for making my job such a JOY. (except for when you ignore me and do silly things like go hunting for black widows in our garage.) These past 4.5 years have been the best gift of my life. I love you guys!

Happy Mother’s Day to our sweet, wonderful, out of this world amazing moms! We love you and are SO blessed to call you ours. Thank you Lord for giving us these women to guide us, love us and instruct us on how we ought to live. And mama’s : We LOVE you more than words. This past year has made us appreciate you in a whole new light. We are so grateful for all the sacrifices you made to help us in the 400 different ways you did. Mwah! 
To the other mommies reading this blog, you rock! Unless you lock your kids in closets and are wierdos. Then you should probably find another blog. But to my sweet mommy friends, I am so thankful to share this season,  (and complain), grow and learn with you. Big hugs to the mommies. 
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