Guest Post 6/21/14

Guest Post
I arrived in the ICU this morning to find Michelle, much in the same condition she has been in since Wednesday evening. A little background, before I get to the main reason for this post. She had a temporary (5-6 day) lumbar drain put into her spine, and a running stitch into her original incision. The drain (10 cc/ml) every hour, helps remove the pocket of fluid that sits on top of her head. The stitch will hopefully tie her incision tight, and combined with the relieved pressure allow her wound time to heal/seal together, so she doesn’t leak anymore CSF.  They plan to turn the drain off on Monday.  Let her rest for 24-48 hours, retest the shunt, and see if there is any leaking. While I am optimistic there wouldn’t be leaking on Tuesday, it’s the days after that (usually at home and following a nights’ sleep) that are the true test.
I digress, she is not feeling well at all.  The draining causes her extreme headaches, and this time it is coupled with nausea. She is pretty much sedated for most of the day without much wherewithal to who is around.
Typically I shy away from blogs, social media, etc but felt compelled after seeing Michelle’s phone filled up with hundreds of unread texts, calls, face books posts etc this morning.
Obviously , we have been seeking so much prayer over these past two months. So let me provide some ways your prayers have been answered, and hopefully encourage you knowing that God continues to work in so many ways.
Seizures:  Michelle has not had a seizure, that we know of, for the last 40 days. After having days in which she would have in upwards of 10 this is tremendous hope that her last tumor surgery worked as you have prayed.
Walking: on Wednesday before her lumbar procedure, Michelle and I had the chance to walk around the DOU ward. No walker, no wheelchair.  She looked liked she was ready to run. Where typically I held her arms while she walked, instead we held hands as she walked for the first time in months.  🙂
Family health: as you can imagine, the burden has been falling on our immediate family, as Michelle has been in the hospital for 33 days now. Over the last two months no one has gotten ill, been unable to perform their needed roles, or any other unanticipated incumbrance. Other than some difficulties with our oldest’s ego and competitiveness the children have been wonderfully adaptive.
Food: never before have we eaten so well. The meals that have been provided, both at home and hospital, have been so appreciated. I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to worry about cooking. Those days where we need to grab a quick bite have given much insight into the best hamburger joints in north Anaheim. Try Farmer Boys……….
Home Care: I could go on all day, but this needs to be said. Given the need for me to continue to work through this time (in San Diego no less), and not having Michelle  at home, has created a what should be a logistical nightmare. However, with mom’s, in-laws, friends, neighbors and a wonderful home care giver provided by Compass Bible Church the kids and house have been more than taken care of.
Encouragement: cards, gifts, messages, I could go on. These have sustained us to no end.  I have no way to send a response to each and every one of you, however, please know that these have all been cherished, loved and accepted with open arms. They keep us going, when we think there’s not enough in the tank. Finally, God’s timing is perfect. At the same timeMichelle entered the hospital, our Godly pastor released a book about how God uses trials in our lives and what our response should be. It has helped read while sitting here in the ICU, and would encourage you to read it as well.

Needless to say, God is hearing your prayers and supplications. For that, on behalf of my family and specifically Michelle, THANK YOU!!!!

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  • Reply D.K. Maxwell June 21, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Dear Chad,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post for Michelle and answer all our questions and concerns. It is clear why Michelle loves her husband so much…. God has given you such a gracious and thankful heart. Instead of focusing on all that is not going well, you have chosen to focus on all that is going right and all that God has done. What a blessing and encouragement for us all. May God richly bless you and Michelle and family, in tangible ways that you will continue to know.
    Please take care,

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