Grandpa’s Bday

My sweet Papa turned 89 this year-what a sweet celebration we were able to have together as a family…so much fun. I savor the cherished times together. 89 years in this world, wow. A lifetime with so many things to be thankful for. A walk here I hope I can emulate in some way. So blessed to call him MINE. 

Pops was mildy disappointed we didn’t shove all 89 candles on the pie. 


 My Uncle D-who claimed naming rights on Chuggas. 
 My SWEET nephew Jakester! LOVE him. Model baby. So stinkin’ cute!

 Oh, snap. No she did-ent!
 Halle’s cute new swimsuit! This girl thing is getting fun.

 Precioso! (she is mid poop.)
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