Going on a jetplane…

to see my bestie-Ash. In the beautiful North Carolina. FOR THE FIRST TIME since she moved out there about 4 years ago. What an amazing friend I am. 4 years. Oh well. Ash understands as I have been pregnant, nursing or just beyond busy (think hamster on a wheel). Oh wait, and now I am pregnant and coming to visit.  I am possibly more excited at the thought of 5 hours of not needing to do one thing, other than pound as many free peanuts or pretzels as the flight allows. What do they serve now adays anyway?  I am actually most excited to see her newest nugget, Connor. He is 5 weeks old and just as cute as Landon, her other nugget.
I am so enchanted with the idea of this trip I am getting sweaty palms as I realize I have to account for every minute of this solitary confinement. I need to plan my free time. Did you hear that? Does anyone else see what is wrong with this? Me, Michelle, is feeling a need to plan.  I am telling you pregnancy makes you all bananas and stuff. As long as I don’t pick up crocheting, no need to call the po-po. I did pack about 6 books. I have started them all, and in true Michelle fashion, not finished one of them. It has been well over a year. I know: grow up and finish something. Anything.
This is my first 4 day trip with no kids, no husband. Strangely…I am going feel nekkid without my men. 4 days, I can do it. Right? As long as I don’t have to sit next to a stage 5 yapper, it will be gravy.
Happy almost weekend!

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